Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lennus II: Apostles of The Seals Item Information and Monster Drops (in progress)

Here are a list of equipment items and their various effects when used in battle. All items that cast spells appear to use the lowest level version. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but here are the effects of some of the more notable ones:

Life Corsage: Heals 300 HP for entire party
Power Wrist: Casts AttackUp on the user
Power Shield: Casts DefUp on the user

Showy Tiara: Casts Barrier
Red Ribbon: Casts Suzowall
Sage Mask: Casts Wall
Sage Ring: Casts Spela
Warrior Ring: Casts AttackUp on the user
Speed Ring: Casts SpeedUp on the user
Bikini: Casts Wall
Flame Ring: Casts Suzun
Light Ring: Casts Kekun
Wind Ring: Casts Lelun
Mage Ring: Casts Gubo
Red Hot Cane: Casts Suzan
Thunder Cane: Casts Kekan
Tempest Cane: Casts Lelan
Sage Cane: Casts SkillsUp

Lennus II: Apostles of the Seals Mercenary List

Here is the list of Lennus II mercenaries and their positive and negative traits... It's still in progress, so there's not really as much information about many of these mercenaries as you'd probably like.
-The Andel mercenaries are Chest, Zock, Joad, Yuma, and Melina. All of them have their uses in Andel, but afterwards, you might want to find other, more powerful mercenaries.

-Zock has the most HP and can equip the most stuff out of the Andel mercenaries. He can also use
Suzan, Lelan and SpeedUp. Lelan tears apart many early-to-mid game bosses.

-Chest starts off the weakest, but has higher stat growths than the other Andel mercenaries. He can also equip Slashers, which attack a group of enemies. He knows Kekan, Lelan and DefUp.

-Joad can use Slashers as well, and is capable of casting AttackUp, which is always useful.

-Yuma uses Kekan and Kekun to great effect, though she can't use much equipment. She gains Wisdom very quickly, so she'll become a formidable caster with some training.

-Melina is pretty much the same as Yuma, except she casts Lelan and Lelun. She is more useful than Yuma overall, due to many of the early-game bosses being weak to Lelan.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chrono Trigger Technique Details

Here's the technique list, sorted by character, and with extra information wherever I think it belongs. Before getting to the list, here are a few terms, some borrowed from the JP version, that I use throughout the page:

Damage Types
体  Inflicts physical damage (or is at least considered physical for counterattacks). The kanji means "body", and seems appropriate enough.
天  Inflicts damage of Crono's element. Means "sky" or "heaven", not "lightning".
水  Inflicts damage of Marle and Frog's element. Means "water".
火  Inflicts damage of Lucca's element. Means "fire".
冥  Inflicts damage of Magus's element. Means "dark".
※  Inflicts non-elemental magical damage.
N/A  Doesn't target enemies.
-  Undetermined.
Targeting Examples
Ally  Any single ally   Aura, Cure Beam
Allies  All allies, regardless of positioning   Heal Beam, Aura Whirl
Enemy  Any single enemy   Rocket Punch, Drill Kick
Enemies  All enemies, regardless of positioning   Laser Whirl, Icewater
Zone  The target enemy and all enemies within a set distance from it   Whirlslash, Reaction Bomb
Near  All enemies within a set distance from the user   Circle Bomb, Double Bomb
Ray  All enemies along the ray from the user through the target enemy, even those beyond it   Wind Scythe, Sword Fling
Line  The target enemy and all enemies between it and the user   Flamethrower
Horizontal  All enemies along the horizontal line through the target   Falcon Slash, Line Bomb
General stat and damage algorithm information

Lennus II: Apostles of the Seals Experience Chart

The level cap is presumably 99. This game can be beaten at level 34-35 with some difficulty, though you should probably be around level 38 for an easier time. Characters start requiring well over a million EXP to level up at level 40, and this number only increases exponentially from there, before seemingly stabilizing at level 64. Seriously, read past the line break to see just how utterly ridiculous level grinding can get in this game.

Once you reach level 46, the EXP to next level starts getting weird and begins to roll over. The EXP counter is not capable of handling integers greater than 16777215, apparently. So, for levels 46 and above, I will continue to post the real total EXP and additional EXP required to level up, and in parentheses, I will post how many times the EXP counter rolled over so far for every level plus what the game says is the next level EXP requirement. It's still a work in progress, and it takes an incredibly long time to gain levels after about level 50, so finishing it might take a while. So, without further wasting of your time, here is the Lennus II Experience Chart.