Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lennus II: Apostles of the Seals Boss Information

Lennus II Bosses (note: all HP figures are estimates, and I am most likely wrong on several of them. Also, there are a few early bosses whose weaknesses, EXP and Gold I forgot to fill out when I fought them)

Tainted Clutch
HP: 500-600
EXP: 6
Gold: 30
Notes: Attacks one character for 30-50 damage. Often crawls back into its eggshell, wasting its turn... Until you reach level 8, in which case it starts spamming Lelun and hitting all characters for around 100 damage. Beating the boss may also trigger Lejun spam from future Tainted Clutch encounters as well, though I'm not entirely sure on this.

HP: 2600-2700
Weakness: Lelan
EXP: 30
Gold: 250
Notes: Can attack for 60-80 damage to one, Often casts Lejun on all characters for 100-120 damage, will eat monster eggs to heal 300 HP when low on HP. As long as you're at least level 5, you should beat him without much difficulty.

Lennus II Apostles of the Seals General Information

Here is some detailed information on the sequel to Paladin's Quest known as Lennus II: The Apostles of The Seals, released in Japan for Super Famicom in 1996, and translated into English by Dynamic Designs in 2008. The reasons for this game not being released stateside are unknown... But it's probably because the Playstation, Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 were already shifting into high gear here, and they figured people didn't care as much about new games for the SNES anymore. Another reason could be because Paladin's Quest wasn't really all that popular in the US.  A third possible reason is the fact that this game has some sexually suggestive situations and dialogue. But, at any rate, this game and its predecessor are both pretty good, and worthy of consideration by any hardcore RPG fan, and I'm disappointed that Lennus II wasn't released stateside, yet, truthfully, if it was released overseas, they'd probably give it a pretty shoddy localization and the translation would probably be pretty horrible just like they did with Paladin's Quest. At any rate, you should try this game out if you haven't already, and, for that matter, you should also give Paladin's Quest a try as well if you like challenging RPGs, but that's a topic for another time.

Status effects:
Poison: Causes afflicted characters to take approx. 1/40 of their max HP damage every few steps while walking around. When this happens, the screen flashes red and becomes all blurry, a somewhat loud sound effect signifying damage plays, and movement stops for a second. Clear this status effect immediately, if only to avoid irritation of the eyes, ears and in general.
Stun: Afflicted character can't perform any actions. This usually resolves within a round or two, and wears off at the end of battle.
Daze: Basically a combination of Confusion and Silence. The afflicted character can't cast any spells, and will instead randomly hit enemies or party members (including him/herself) a random number of times without using any of his/her equipment. This can be a pretty devastating status ailment if a strong physical attacker like Nikita or Polock is affected by it. This doesn't wear off at the end of battle, but it does usually resolve within a round or two of battle.
Moldy: Randomly disables item commands. This is effectively the same thing as, and probably the inspiration for, the Rot status from Legend of Legaia. Spells work perfectly fine, but this can be a huge problem for predominantly physical attackers.
Eaten: Some monsters can eat a character, taking them out of the battle for several turns, and draining their HP periodically. It shows the character sticking halfway out of the enemy's mouth during the duration of the status effect. Also, 10% of all damage done to an enemy that's eating a character is also done to the character being eaten.
Stone: Character is a statue and therefore can't act. This status only occurs once as part of a scripted event, and is never seen again to the best of my knowledge.