Friday, January 6, 2017

Lufia: The Legend Returns Boss stats

Here's a list of detailed statistics for all the bosses from Lufia: The Legend Returns. I've seen plenty of guides showing the HP, MP, EXP, LP and GOLD gained from enemies, but I haven't seen anything showing all their other stats, and I decided I would go ahead and be the first (that I know of, anyway) to post it up.

NOTE: This list is mostly complete. Stat figures are estimated by digging into the game's code and extracting the enemy's stats personally. Enemy attacks are listed from memory, and are mostly incomplete. EXP, LP and Gold gained from killing them isn't listed for most enemies yet, as I'm currently more focused on the in-depth stats that I haven't seen covered elsewhere, but I'll get to it in time. I'm also working on a separate list detailing regular enemies' stats as well, which is about 20% done.

NOTE 2: Enemies' base SPD, MAP and REG are capped at 510. This is because those stats in the game code are registered as a single byte and multiplied by 2, meaning you'll never see any monster with an odd amount of SPD, MAP or REG. They can raise these stats further with skills,
though. The same rules apply to enemies in Lufia II, though that's a different discussion entirely, which may or may not come up in the future.

Description of all the stats:
HP: Hit points
MP: Magic points
ATP: Attack power
DFP: Defense power
SPD: Speed/agility
MAP: Magic attack power
REG: Resistance or Magic Defense
EXP: Experience earned from killing the enemy in question
LP: Learning Points gained from killing the enemy
GOLD: Gold gained from killing the enemy

Template for future reference so I don't have to type "HP: MP: ATP: etc." constantly...

Enemy Name

Gades (1)
HP: 2000
MP: 320
ATP: 350
DFP: 80
SPD: 60
MAP: 48
REG: 48
Attacks: Let me see your power. (does nothing, first round taunt)
Is that all you've got? (does nothing, second round taunt)
Let's get it over with. (does nothing, third round taunt)
Spiritual Force of Destruction... (increases own ATP by 40%, or 140 in this battle)
Spiritual Force of Destruction (High damage to one row; instant death unless you're using codes or spent WAY too long leveling up)

HP: 300
MP: 60
ATP: 60
DFP: 20
SPD: 20
MAP: 20
REG: 20

HP: 450
MP: 80
ATP: 80
DFP: 50
SPD: 30
MAP: 30
REG: 40

Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land enemy stats

Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land enemy list (mostly complete)
(a few monsters have stat values I'm not entirely certain of... The code is jumbled up on some of them, and it's difficult for me to ascertain whether certain stats are accurate or not on a few of them. Might need to play-test this game a bit)
Name: Name of the enemy.
HP: How much HP a monster has. Each monster has an HP range.
Offense: How much damage an enemy's attack can do to a character with 0 Defense. Each monster has a damage range.
Defense: Amount of damage blocked from each physical attack. This number is constant for each type.
Hit Freq: Amount of times an enemy hits with its physical attack. This number is constant for each type.
Attacks: Spells, Breath weapons, enemy attacks, etc. go here.
EXP: Exact number of experience gained. Split by the number of party members.
Gold: Amount of gold dropped.
Notes: Things I find noteworthy about each individual monster. Strategies for the harder ones, random observations, etc.

Bubbly Slime
HP: 8?
Offense: 7-10?
Defense: 0
Hit Freq: 1
EXP: 60
Gold: 12

HP: 8?
Offense: 4-7?
Hit Freq: 1
EXP: 80
Gold: 5
Notes: The code is slightly jumbled up here so I can't tell precisely what its stats are.

Orc King
HP: 48-54
Offense: 10-13
Defense: 0
Hit Freq: 1
EXP: 500
Gold: 54

HP: 8-16
Offense: 3-12
Defense: 0
Hit Freq: 2
EXP: 160
Gold: 20