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Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land - The Abyss (Bonus Dungeon)

Some things you should know about the Abyss:

- The floors are incredibly huge. In fact, one floor is probably as big in area as half of the main game's floors.

- On floor B10, and any floor with a multiple of 10, there is an extremely powerful monster named Nine Tail, the strongest monster in the game. I haven't fought him yet, but I hear that his attacks are incredibly painful, causing up to 400 damage to THE WHOLE PARTY. 

- The treasure chests in the Abyss are randomly generated. They can give you anything from a plain old Cloak to a Queen's Guard Sword (yes, another one). You can get anything from them except for maybe vellums.

- The monsters here are randomly generated, with some new ones. The new ones are incredibly powerful, much more difficult than any enemy you've faced in the main game, and they will require strategy to beat. In fact, your average new enemy is more powerful than the final boss in almost EVERY area. 

- I like to level up moderately strong characters in the Abyss, which is pretty easy because there are a lot of groups of 14 Silver Slimes around. However, I have several characters on Level 99 with about 24 million EXP, and I don't bring in characters unless they're about level 25-30 as a requirement. If your strongest three characters are below level 50-60, you probably should level on B9, just to be safe. You must have a level average of at least 36 to be able to beat Silver Slimes with Rush.

Some requirements for the Abyss:
- Level 40-50 (preferably higher) to last against many of the monsters here.
- Spells such as Poizkea, Parazkea, Will, Fealds, Jakreta and Megadeth are practical requirements, and Carcass and Cathedral are very good spells to have as well.
-You should definitely have Level 8 Trust to maximize your chances in the Abyss.
-Have your front-row characters equipped with a Ceasing Chest Plate, as they will block that infuriating Level Drain attack that some of the monsters here like. If you're incredibly cautious like me, you might want to use Restrict Shot against those monsters as well. Have your back-row magicians equipped with Water Ornaments, which can be dropped from the Necromancers here.
- Make use of Sweep Spell combined with Will religiously when you're in battle, as many of these enemies will destroy you if you're not prepared.
And now for the Optional Dungeon enemies... The enemies that are found in the Abyss! Be sure to be at least level 50 with as much spell mastery as possible before attempting to tackle this dungeon! Hopefully you have the Will Spell on 3-6 of your characters. If not, ride the portal to B10, and go fight either there or B9.

Dragon Zombie
HP: ~850
Offense: 70 (will likely do 40-50 damage a hit)
Defense: 5
Hit Freq: 2
Note: These are frequently found on B10, but I just thought I'd put them here. They have a Fire Breath weapon that can do 50-100 damage at full health. Jerrold Ng incorrectly stated in his walkthrough at GameFAQs that he turns Undead on the second round. The Dragon Zombie has a huge amount of HP for the time he is first met, so I can understand the mistake. But if you reduce all of his HP in the first round, he will still always be left with a small amount of HP until he is hit with a magic  weapon or a spell (spells rarely hit, by the way). In the Abyss, he often comes with a...

Vampire Lord
HP: 666 (?)
Offense: Low (RESTRICT SHOT that shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Defense: 0
Hit Freq: 1 (that's all he needs)
Note: Vampire Lords are one of the most infuriating monsters you will EVER meet. I say ONE of the because the Elder Demon is a regular enemy in the Abyss and can drive the happiest person alive into a nervous breakdown, but I digress. This monster is not much better, but thankfully, if you have a Ceasing Chest Plate, Restrict Shot makes it easier. Otherwise, better start praying. His physical attack usually does only 1 damage, but it's almost guaranteed to drain 5 or more levels if it hits. Jakuld hurts like a bitch, hitting for 60-120 damage to all, but as tempting as Spell Cancel is, Restrict Shot that shit or say goodbye to countless hours of grinding. Double Slash ends his misery swiftly, but only if you either have weapons that can kill Undead, or if you cast Daiba and attack him with all you've got. Just kill him quickly.

Pied Piper
HP: 470
Offense: 50
Defense: 30
Hit Freq: 2
Note: The Pied Piper is a rare occurence in the Dimension World, and slightly rarer in the Abyss. If you don't like the hassle of dealing with Teleporters on B10 for an hour just to get to the Dimension World, go to the Abyss. If you're lucky, or, in some cases, unlucky, you may encounter two. The good news is they give lots of EXP and rarely drop some very useful treasures, such as the Pied Piper's Flute, the Valiant Helmet, and, in EXTREMELY rare cases, the Masamune, a powerful Katana that hits three times, increases Offense by 24, hits often, kills Undeads, and, although I don't condone risking such a rare item, can cast Cathedral. There is only one weapon more powerful than this, and the Shogun very, very, *VERY* rarely drops it.

The bad news lies in their abilities. They can whack you with their flute twice, making a notable, fairly creepy, high-pitched laugh as they lunge at you, and whacking you again with an equally creepy, high-pitched yell. This does little more than invoke a kind of reactive laugh from the player, either out of amusement, annoyance, or being weirded out. They can do Cold Breath, which does some damage, but nothing that can't be healed. Their true ability is the ability to inflict Piper status on your team, making your teammates go insane and attack EACH OTHER. Essentially, it works like the Confuse status in 99% of all other JRPGs. I never saw it work, but watch out, because your team may end up killing themselves. Pied Pipers are really easy to kill, but only if you kill them before they use Piper.

HP: 450-500
Offense: 90 (will likely do 50-70 damage a hit)
Defense: 20
Hit Freq: 4 (just a preview of how bad enemies here are)

HP: ~600
Offense: 127 (will likely do around 100 damage a hit, may insta-kill)
Defense: 20
Hit Freq: 4
Note: The Shoguns are almost exactly like the Berserkers, with one new trick: They have a moderately-high chance of insta-killing you with their attacks. They have another advantage (for you, anyway...) in that they can cast Jakreta for 20-40 damage (LOL!!!). Like all other Samurai of lower ranks, they may drop a powerful katana when defeated. Actually, although this is very, very, *VERY* rare, they drop the best weapon BY FAR in the game, the Muramasa, a sword that hits enemies for 100 damage WITHOUT taking your base stats into account. Not only that, it hits twice! Equip this on your best Samurai and you will be able to severely damage even the most robust enemies in the game.

Fuma Ninja
HP: 350-400
Offense: 120 (will likely do around 90-100 damage a hit, probably WILL insta-kill)
Defense: 20
Hit Freq: 4
Note: The Fuma Ninja are the strongest Ninja in the world of Wizardry, and like many enemies here, if they don't kill a character, they will severely damage him/her. Having dealt with many Ninja-type monsters by now, you likely know that these enemies MUST die quickly, and in some horrible fashion. These monsters may drop the Shinobi Shuriken when defeated. The Shinobi Shuriken is the best Shuriken-type weapon in the game, with an attack value of 6, and allows a Ninja to hit four times, likely insta-killing the targeted monster.

HP: 200-220
Offense: Unknown (Why attack when you just cast Megadeth?)
Defense: 20
Hit Freq: 1
Note: These are the ultimate Mages, and they show their prowess by throwing Megadeth spells at you at the slightest opportunity. Level 8 Trust will be a godsend here, as it will let you block spells twice with Spell Cancel. They can probably be taken care of by your own Megadeth spells... At least they don't block mine. One more note: If you get two of them alongside each other, you had better Spell Cancel NOW, or they will use Assisted Megadeth and your party will get Hiroshima'd up, losing anywhere from 300 to 600 hit points APIECE. They often drop the Water Ornament, an Accessory that prevents all status changes (can still get insta-killed though, I think). Only the Sorcerer, the Priest and the Bishop can equip this powerful item.

Spiral Beetle
HP: 225-250
Offense: 90 (will do around 60 damage)
Defense: 20
Hit Freq: 1 (luckily)
Note: These enemies are like nearly every other new monster in the Abyss in that they're deadly. These monsters typically come in huge groups, and they can decimate you if you let your guard down for a second. Luckily, Assisted Jakreta or Megadeth makes quick work of these critters. Unless your levels are VERY high, don't risk using Rush, because they CAN kill a character if they gang up.

Gold Dragon
HP: 5,500-6,000
Offense: 130 (will do around 100 damage a hit)
Defense: 5
Hit Freq: 3
Notes: Has the Cold Breath weapon that will do up to 500 damage to all party members, so use Deploy frequently! He can also paralyze you with his physical attack if you're unlucky. His physical attacks HURT, but this is a monster that you WANT to use physical attacks instead of Breath Attacks on you. These enemies cannot be insta-killed, so if you want to fight them, you'll have to use Daiba a LOT and Double Slash until you kill it. If you managed to get Orphe and Aoba in the main game, you can use Warp Attack.

Copper Dragon
HP: ~2,300
Offense: 130 (will do around 100 damage a hit)
Defense: 70
Hit Freq: 3
Notes: Has the Thunder Breath weapon that will do up to 300 damage to all party members, so use Deploy frequently! He can also paralyze you with his physical attack. His physical attacks HURT, but this is a monster that you WANT to use physical attacks instead of Breath Attacks on you. Fortunately, these enemies are fairly susceptible to being insta-killed, which is a very good thing if you want to fight him.

Spell Demon
HP: 1,500
Offense: 40 (will do up to 10 damage a hit)
Defense: 50
Evade: 10
Hit Freq: 3
Notes: These enemies are extremely annoying to fight. It's not because of their potential damage output, although it does add up, but instead because of their very high HP values. They can cast Zakuld for up to 50 damage to one row of characters, but that's not too bad. Their physical attacks are highly weak, but can cause some nasty side effects, namely poison, paralysis, and petrification.

Elder Demon
HP: ~2,000
Offense: 127 (will do up to 100 damage a hit, along with various status effects)
Defense: 50
Hit Freq: 4
Notes: Your worst nightmare in this game... His attacks can do a variety of status effects on you, such as paralysis, petrification, instant death, and worst of all, LEVEL DRAIN!!! His attacks can drain up to 8-12 levels from his target if you're extremely unlucky, effectively siphoning millions of hard earned experience points from that character!!! I would strongly suggest resetting if you get your levels drained by him to save yourself extreme frustration and anger. One other tactic is to have the Ceasing Chest Plate equipped on your front-row characters, and either the Ceasing Chest Plate or Water Ornament on your back-row characters. These are two of only three items that prevent Level Drain, and THEY ARE A REQUIREMENT if you want to fight an Elder Demon without getting your levels drained. The third item, the Knight's Helmet, prevents status changes, and should be equipped if you have a Knight. 

If you have a party with level 99 characters in it like I do, and you're an EXP whore like me, you want to do whatever it takes to protect any extra EXP you obtain, and if you get hit with Level Drain, you not only drop your level, your EXP will be dropped to whatever experience would be needed to reach the level you were dropped to. To make things worse, you lose massive amounts of your statistics... you lose around 20-30 HP per level lost, as well as 1-3 of every stat (Power, Wisdom, Faith, Life, Luck, Agility) per level lost. To have your level dropped is infinitely worse than dying in this game... Hell, the only thing worse than Level Drain is a character with the Lost status, and, possibly Ash status, as you realize that one screwed up revival and you lose that character forever.

Nine Tail
HP: ~3,500-4,000
Offense: 127? (will likely inflict around 100 damage a hit)
Defense: 40
Hit Freq: 4
This is the bonus boss of The Abyss. He has very powerful magic, such as Megadeth, Jakuld, and Stigma, and a cold breath attack that can do over 400 damage if he is at full health. Deploy is a requirement in every round of this battle, as his breath attack is by far the most dangerous attack in this battle. Using Spell Cancel or Restrict Shot would help a lot, as well, but if your party is at least level 45-50, you may be able to get away with devoting your second Allied Action to Double Slash or Warp Attack. His physical attack is apparently very deadly, but I beat him before I could see what it was capable of doing, so I'm just guessing on his stats. He has about the same HP as Bu'shin, and has far more potential to cause damage, but has a good deal less staying power due to his low defense. In any case, Daiba is highly recommended to make the fight go by quicker, and the Will spell is practically a requirement on at least three characters to make sure you get out of this fight OK. It should take anywhere from 6-8 rounds to beat him without healing and without Muramasa, 3-5 with at least one Muramasa Katana, and 8-10 if you have to do some extensive healing. You will gain 40,000 EXP and 50,000 Gold, but nothing else other than the satisfaction of beating him. 

He is on the 10th floor of the Abyss, and every 10th floor after that, but fighting him is always optional... You can go down to Floor 11 without ever meeting him. To find him, you have to search for him. If you open a door, and find yourself in a highly decorated Japanese shrine with a ball of light in front of it, you are three steps away from fighting Nine Tail. Prepare yourself accordingly, or just turn around and walk back out if you don't feel like fighting him.

Apparently, you can fight boss monsters in the Abyss, like Incubus, Flesh Golem, etc, although such occurrences are extremely rare. I'll have to find out about this later at some point.

Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (Lufia 1) Items List and other general information

Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (Lufia 1) Items List and other general information

Notes: This list of monsters is in approximate order of appearance. I compiled this list entirely by myself, because my computer was offline at the time, and I was dying of boredom. I've fought nearly every monster in the game dozens, if not hundreds of times, just to see what kind of items they dropped. I have also composed a list of oddities, glitches and observations directly below the monster list, just for fun. Most, if not ALL of this information has been posted before on other websites by infinitely more knowledgeable people than myself. But at any rate, I hope you can get some use out of this post.

-The stat-increasing potions (Great Potion, Spell Potion, Power Potion, Speed Potion, Mind Potion) appear to be incredibly rare drops (either 1/128 or 1/256 or some other incredibly obscene rate... Trying to max your characters' stats out is definitely NOT a task for the casual, sane player. It is also completely unnecessary, too, especially since you can beat this game comfortably at around level 45-50.

-Great Potions are dropped by Werefrogs, Spell Potions are dropped by Wing Lions, Mind Potions are dropped by Manticores, Power Potions are dropped by Mega Atlases, which can only be encountered after a certain plot point that removes one of your party members, and I don't know what Speed Potions are dropped by, if any monster, yet.)

List of monsters and items they carry (Note: List of items is still a work in progress, and I might be missing one or two monsters as well):
Madshroom: Potion (heals 15-25 HP)
Big Newt: Grilled Newt (Heals 8-10 HP... In future Lufia installments, it heals 5 HP and 5 MP... useless either way)
Jellyfish: Potion
Spider: ???
Green Orb: Opal (Accessory, does nothing that I know of... Sell for 50G)
Earwig: ???
Anemone: ???
Baby Crab: ???
Nettles: ???
Kobold: Mid-Arrow (Does moderate physical damage to one group of enemies...VERY useful at the beginning, but quickly becomes worthless)
Bore Worm: ???
Rat: ???
Roozard: Apron
Giant Bat: ???
Giant Newt: Grilled Newt
Mini-Demon: Potion
Goblin: Awaken (Cures Sleep status on one character)
Huge Bunny: ??? (Gives about 88 gold, comparable to many enemies at the mid-point of the game)
Spike Newt: Poison Pin (Poisons one enemy)
Mini Crab: ???
Red Magi: Hi-Magic (restores 30-50 MP... GREAT for the early-game)
Fight: ???
Zombie: ???
Frog: ???
Dracu Rose: Hi-Arrows (hits all enemies for moderate physical damage... Decent at first, but quickly becomes useless later on)
Crazy Pot: Magic Jar (Restores 15-25 MP... not incredible, but extra MP is always useful)
Swordspook: Scimitar (Pretty good if you can get it early, should take you through the next few dungeons)
Flamespook: ???
Willowisp: ???
Beetle: ???
Mimic: ??? (Gives 663 EXP and about 350 gold... Also, technically it's spelled Mimick in this game, but I REFUSE to call it that)
Mud Man: ???
Orc: ???
Sand Rose: Hi-Potion
Skeleton: ???
Archer: Foul Water (When used, you encounter monsters every step for about 15 steps)
Straw Man: Long Nail (Required to make Gloom Voice, an incredibly rare and useful item that kills all enemies not immune to instant death)
Nightmare: ???
Red Orb: Emerald (Accessory, does nothing that I know of... Sell for 100G)
Ghost Mail: Light Armor (Decent if you get it early, though not as awesome as the Scimitar)
Sand Man: Smoke Ball
Poison Rat: Poison Pin
Mummy: Antidote (Cures poison... Always useful to have around)
Killer Bee: Poison Pin
Blue Wolf: Nothing
Spellsnail: ???
Tarantula: ???
Chomp Weed: ???
Horrorquin: Gown (Equipment for Lufia and Jerin, you should already have better equipment for them)
Dark Elf: Mind Gourd (Temporarily increases INT during battle)
Big Meany: ???
Jellybean: ???
Dark Demon: Hi-Potion
Flamefreak: Fry Pan
Gargoyle: ???
Ice Snake: Sleep Arrow (Puts one enemy to sleep)
Gold Orc: Small Knife
Mace Man: ??? (Probably either a Mace or nothing)
Rok: Swing Wing (Warps you to a previously visited town... Doubtless you've already used these several times before)
Armor Lord: Ex-Potion (Heals all HP... Useful if you don't already know Champion, or do, but wish to conserve MP)
Blue Wisp: ???
Blue Meany: ???
Pin Lizard: ???
Giant Oak: ???
Mimicker: Nothing (Gives 2,999 EXP and about 850 gold)
Sting: Poison Pin
Crazy Jar: Magic Jar
Yeoman: ???
Ghoul: Potion
Frogula: Antidote
Terrorquin: Ex-Potion
Axe Knight: Tower Shield (Can't be bought anywhere, but not that good otherwise)
Halloween: Puzzle Arrow (Confuses one enemy)
Harpie: ??? (Most likely nothing)
Killer Eel: ???
Red Star: ???
Jelly Bolt: ??? (Most likely nothing)
Starfish: ??? (Most likely nothing)
Evil Clam: Earring
Sea Snake: Power Gourd
Crazy Pine: Power Gourd (Temporarily increases ATP during battle. Basically a free Trick spell)
Trap Harp: Ex-Potion
Zooster: Stone Cure (You will never guess what this item does)
Mad Lily: ???
Werewolf: ???
Land Worm: Nothing
Zaurus: Nothing
Cave Rok: ??? (Most likely nothing)
Werefrog: Great Potion (Great item, permanently increases STR by 1-3 points! Also increases DFP by a rate of 1 every 3-4 points)
Sabrespook: Buster Sword (Pretty good if you get it early... Has nothing to do with Cloud Strife's iconic weapon)
Demon Mace: Morning Star (Useless, sells for a little extra money though)
Mud Ghoul: Hi-Bomb (Basically a free Blast spell that does WAY less damage... Useless. Just stick to having Lufia use Blast/Sunder)
Vampire: Hi-Magic
Red Wolf: Nothing
Eye Curse: ??? (Probably nothing)
Redcore: Nothing (Gives 13,333 EXP and ~4,000 gold, though)
Basilisk: Stone Cure
Nail Man: Straw Doll (Other item required for Gloom Voice... Funny how the Nail Man drops a Straw Doll, yet the Straw Man drops a Long Nail)
Salamander: Grilled Newt
Manticore: Mind Potion (Great item, permanently increases INT by 1-3 points! May also increase MGR by a rate of 1 every 2-3 points)
Lizard Man: ??? (Likely nothing... Fought over 100 of them and nothing dropped)
Troll: Nothing
Green Magi: Hi-Magic
Berserker: Gloom Arrow (Tries to kill one enemy with a low success rate... Basically a free Perish spell)
Dark Spook: Gloom Guard (Accessory, makes you immune to Instant Death. Great item to have if you're always getting instakilled by enemies)
Blue Skull: Nothing
Steel Lord: Grand Blade (Excellent weapon, extremely useful if you didn't already buy this from Epro or Frederia)
Hydra: Might Blade (+380 ATP! 80 points stronger than the Dual Blade! If you're really lucky, you might get this on your way to the Dual Blade)
Fire Plate: Might Armor (+100 DFP! 50 points stronger than the Zircon Armor! Also +10 MGR)
Griffon: Nothing
Mad Wolf: Nothing
Rock Golem: Nothing
Megaturtle: Nothing
Efreet: Hi-Potion (Efreets can do 100+ damage to your party with Blaze, and carry an item that only heals 80-100 for one... epic trolls they are)
Mega Frog: Miracle (Revives, heals all HP and MP... Incredibly useful item to have)
Mad Knight: Ex-Potion
Magura: ??? (Likely nothing)
Manta Ray: ??? (Likely nothing)
Sea Dragon: Dragon Tooth (Does more damage against dragons or something? I don't know... Only did like 12 damage the one time I used this)
Barient: Might Helmet (+35 DFP, +24 INT and +19 MGR! You probably won't get this unless you get REALLY lucky)
Zaurus Rex: Nothing
Dragon: Dragon Arrow (Does more damage against dragons or something? I don't know. Only did like 24 damage the one time I used it)
Humungus: Nothing
Wing Lion: Spell Potion (Great item, permanently increases MP by 3-5 points!)
Gorgon: Stone Cure
Gloom: Miracle
Red Skull: Nothing
Mad Cleric: Ex-Magic (Heals all MP, always a very useful item to have)
Fire Wave: Nothing
Waterspout: Nothing
Whirlwind: Nothing
Electromaz: Nothing
Mega Atlas: Power Potion (Permanently increases HP by 3-5 points! They are also slightly less uncommon here than usual)
Act Demon: Foul Water (Increases monster rate, incredibly pointless by now, BTW, I'm guessing Act = Arch)
Act Dragon: Diamond Ring (Accessory, does nothing that I know of... you can sell for 3600G, though it's pointless by now)
Act Hydra: ??? (Fought over 150 of these and nothing dropped... either they have something incredibly rare, or, more likely, they have nothing)
Greencore: ??? (Gives 65,000 EXP and about 9,000 gold... Not sure if it gives an item)
Gold Golem: ??? (Fought over 100 of these and nothing dropped)

Glitches, Observations and Oddities:

-EXP and gold are capped at 16,777,215 in this game. In Lufia 2 and Lufia: The Legend Returns, EXP and gold are capped at 9,999,999. Screenshot pending.

-When you sell something with over 10 million gold on you, the total gold you have is automatically reduced to the decidedly random amount of 8,361,624 gold. This is most likely a corrective measure to prevent the game from glitching at shops, where the gold counter is only meant to correctly display values up to 9,999,999. You can buy stuff without your gold resetting. Screenshots pending.

-The victory screen's gold counter rolls over when you receive more than 65,535 gold from any one battle. For example, whenever you beat a group of 5 Redcores on Try Again mode, the reward screen says you got about 14,000-20,000 gold. You'll still get the full 80,000-86,000 gold that you would have normally gotten, though.

-The timer goes above 99:59, most likely capping at either 255:59 or 999:59. I'm unsure whether the same is true of Lufia 2, but it is
for TLR. My final time is right around 167 hours, and as of the moment of publishing, I don't really feel like playing any further to see for myself..

-This game doesn't cap damage at 999. Instead, if you do over 999 damage, it only shows the last three numbers of the total damage you do. I learned this when my level 99 hero with 676 ATP attacked a Blue Skull with the Undead Ring equipped and critted for 1040 damage, with only the "040" showing. Yes, the number actually had a 0 in front of it. And there's also another picture of the same level 99 character with 1027 ATP doing 1084 damage against a Werefrog. Screenshots pending

-Though most Lufia players probably already figured this out, the cursed weapons, Broad Sword and Broad Rod, were supposed to be translated as "Blood Sword" and "Blood Rod". Just in case you're wondering why a seemingly innocuous broad sword would be cursed. This was corrected in Lufia 2.

-Act Demon, Act Hydra and Act Dragon are supposed to be Archdemon, Archhydra and Archdragon.

-Barient is a hilariously mistranslated version of Valiant. Personally, I think randomly ambushing random adventurers in caves with the intent of killing them would be anything BUT valiant, but hey, they give good EXP and die fairly easily, and have a 1/256 chance of dropping a Might Helmet, the best helm in the game, so I can forgive them.

-Also, if you climb to the top of the Tower of Light before you're supposed to, you can get your hands on a free Might Helmet. The added boost to DFP and MGR from the Might Helmet will make the next few parts of the game easier. Also, if you want 100% completion, you HAVE to get this anyway, so might as well get it while you can.

-This apparently only works when you don't have any Gloom Voices in your inventory at the time... When you bring more than 100 Long Nails and Straw Dolls to the Gloom Voice Merchant in Forfeit, you get a single stack of over 100 Gloom Voices.:Normally, you can only have 99 items in a single stack. This might be capped at 255, but I'm unsure. Obviously, you will NEVER need that many Gloom Voices, though, if you like seeing otherwise annoying or difficult enemies die, they are very fun to use.  Screenshots of me having 117 Gloom Voices pending.

-Also, some items might be duplicated as a result of creating Gloom Voices. I'm not entirely sure as to the mechanics of this duplication glitch, but I believe it duplicates the item at the bottom of the inventory. I also believe it requires over 100 Long Nails and Straw Dolls. If so, this glitch is INCREDIBLY time-consuming to the point of not being worth it at all in most circumstances, and requires that you spend several hours killing hundreds of Straw Men and Nail Men. If you're willing to spend the time to do this, you can use this glitch to dupe stat-increasing potions, expensive equipment, and pretty much any other item you can think of. You could even use this glitch to duplicate Dragon Eggs or the Dual Blade, though I would strongly advise against doing this, as you can't get rid of them.

-Speaking of Gloom Voices, they hit all enemies and ALWAYS instantly kill any enemy that isn't outright immune to instant death. That is, if Perish or Succumb has even a 1% chance of working on an enemy, Gloom Voice kills that enemy 100% of the time. To balance the awesomeness of this item, it's a pain in the ass to get a lot of them. After testing it on about 95% of the game's enemies, the list of enemies immune to Gloom Voice is actually pretty small: Willowisps, Blue Wisps, Ghost Mails, Fire Plates, Swordspooks, Dark Spooks, Sabrespooks, Blue Skulls, Mimics, Mimickers, Red Cores, Glooms, Electromazs, Whirlwinds, Fire Waves, Rock Golems, Green Cores, Gold Golems, and, of course, every boss ever. So, all in all, a pretty small list. Oh yeah, BTW? If you're stupid enough to use a Gloom Voice on yourself,  I hope you have Gloom Guards equipped on your characters while you're doing it. Otherwise, you deserve the Game Over that comes with it. I speak from personal experience. In my defense, I was incredibly bored when I did this.

-Melanchoy (sic), an attack used by Amon during the final battle against the Sinistrals, is apparently bugged and does absolutely nothing. No animation either. Not even a "miss", or any indication on who it's supposed to target, or what it's supposed to even DO, is shown. At least, it never did anything for me... or for any of the other dozens of people I've seen playing this game. Maybe it was supposed to dispel status buffs/debuffs? If they did, it seems they never quite got around to programming that effect into the game. It doesn't do anything in the Japanese version of the game either, so we can't blame the localization team for this particular blunder.

-If you've ever played and beaten Lufia 1 before, you know that Guard Daos only has two attacks, Flood and Figual, the latter of which is a mass-confusion attack that can completely fuck up your day. The Japanese version of Guard Daos had a variety of attacks borrowed from the other Sinistrals, in addition to several of his own. These attacks include Figual, Flood, Amnesia (inflicts Paralysis), Dread, Destroy (Gades' super physical attack), and a multi-target version of Thunder called Thor. Thor could easily do over 200 damage to your entire party! Oh, and he also uses Melanchoy (once more, sic), which still does nothing. I don't know why they removed most of Guard Daos' attacks in the US version. If they had increased his stats a little bit and kept his attacks in the US version, I think it would have made for a more epic fight. Here is a link to a video of the JP Guard Daos fight.
If you want one where the party has more appropriate HP and MP for their level, then here's another one of the Japanese version of the final battle. Note that in the second video, the uploader is using some sort of exploit to get his ATP really high, as part of some tool-assisted speedrun. It appears this battle would be EXTREMELY difficult otherwise. Like I said, the final battle could have potentially been an epic one, if the localization team hadn't dicked Guard Daos out of most of his attacks.

-Mimics, Mimickers, and Red Cores also use a spell called Thor, which is a multi-target version of Flash when used by Mimics, and a multi-target version of Bolt when Mimickers and Red Cores use it. Thankfully, their versions of Thor don't do much damage, due to their low INT, though the damage it does can add up quickly if several of them use it in quick succession.

-Green Cores, which are only encountered on Doom Island, are the exception to this rule. Rather than using Thor, they instead use Succumb in an attempt to instantly kill your characters. Unless you somehow have Gloom Guards equipped to all your characters, you may find yourself as likely to run away from Green Cores as they are to run from you. If you beat them, however, they give you 65,000 EXP and about 10,000 gold apiece.

-On the subject of Green Cores, if you're on Try Again mode, and you manage to kill four or five Green Cores, you net over 1 million EXP in a single battle. I'm unsure if this will cause the EXP counter to roll over, but it will cause you to gain an easy 5-6 levels, if not more, on the off-chance that you're not already at level 99 from killing everything on the way to Doom Island.

-The list of wishes the Egg Dragon grants upon giving him 8 Dragon Eggs are as follows: Increase your party 2 levels instantly, give you 3 of each stat potion (Power, Spell, Great, Mind and Speed Potions), give you a Might Shield (+65 DFP, +32 MGR), and a Might Bow (+148 ATP). Once he grants a wish, he scatters Dragon Eggs across the world again. Unlike in later Lufia games, he will grant the same wish multiple times, with one caveat. Once he grants 3 wishes, he just basically says "I'm bored, screw you guys, I'm going home" and flies away. And you don't even get the satisfaction of kicking his ass or getting your ass kicked by him for this like in the other games, either. So here are my recommendations: If you're going for 100% completion, you should go for one Stat Potion set, a Might Shield and a Might Bow. If you're going for optimum equipment, 2 Might Shields and a Might Bow would suffice. If you just want higher stats, go for three Stat Potion sets.  NEVER waste any of your wishes on the "Increase your party 2 levels" wish. Gaining levels is already easy enough in this game. 

-You can get the 8 Dragon Eggs again after the Egg Dragon grants his third wish and leaves, but it will do you no good. And since there's no way to get rid of the Dragon Eggs besides giving them to the Egg Dragon, that means you will have just permanently wasted a perfectly good item slot.

-On the game record screen, counts for battles, deaths, escapes, boss death counts, and inn stays/rests MIGHT be capped at 65535. I'm most likely never going to put forth the effort required to find out for sure.

-I can now safely say that ATP, DFP, STR, INT, AGL, and MGR do NOT cap at 999. After pouring hundreds of Great Potions down my level 99 hero's gullet, he is now at 1027 STR with 1502 ATP. I'm assuming this means those stats are capped at either 9999 or 65535. This means that if you're lifeless enough to spend literally hundreds of hours killing Werefrogs in order to grind thousands of Great Potions, you could theoretically grind your ATP enough that you could take down each of the Sinistrals in one or two hits, and Guard Daos in two or three. Yes, that's right. FUCK the Dual Blade. By drinking enough Great Potions, you could be so strong that you don't NEED it to beat the Sinistrals. You could literally bash their skulls in with one or two punches from your bare hands. Of course, you'd have to have your STR boosted to 8000-9000 to have a good chance of one-shotting the Sinistrals, and about 5000-6000 to two-shot them, AND you would have to score a lucky critical on Guard Daos with about 7000-8000 STR to one-shot him with your fists, but hey, at least you could say you did it! Alternatively, you could better invest your time into playing other video games like I should have done because GODDAMN I AM SOOOO FUCKING TIRED OF THIS GAME AFTER SPENDING NEARLY 200 HOURS ON IT.
-07/11/14 edit: ATP, DFP, STR, INT, AGL and MGR officially confirmed for being able to go beyond 9999. However, it only shows the last four digits should you ever get that high. Unless you're profoundly insane or cheating, however, you won't even approach four digits in any of these stats, never mind 5 digits. I used an infinite Stat Potions code to verify this. You will NEVER need stats this high, unless you're playing some ultra-impossible hack of this game or something.
-However, HP and MP still appear to be capped at 999. Whether this is a true cap or just a visible cap remains to be seen. But I won't put forth much effort in verifying this for the time being.
-07/11/14 edit: It appears HP and MP DO go beyond 999 if you use enough Power/Spell Potions. Of course, it only shows the last three digits of the total HP/MP score. Also, the number that shows the amount of times you can cast a spell only shows the last three digits should you ever get your MP that high. Again, I used an infinite Stat Potions code to verify this.

-As well as increasing ATP, STR also has the added effect of increasing DFP at a rate of 1 every 3-4 points. Once your DFP goes up to about 350-400, no enemy, except maybe Gades boosted with Undead (his personal ATP-boosting skill), can land more than about 30-40 damage with physical attacks.

-As well as increasing magic damage, INT also has the added effect of increasing MGR at a rate of 1 every 3-4 points. Once your MGR goes up to about 400, no enemy should be able to land more than about 50 damage with magic attacks. Instant death attacks can still kill you just as easily as they did before, though, so watch out for them.

-Even if you cheat and put in a code to have your main character with 4-digit ATP at the beginning of the game, you STILL can't beat Gades in Sheran. He has 65,535 HP, which apparently never decreases, no matter how much damage you deal. The only way to progress is to die, either by attacking yourself or having Gades hit you enough times.

-This is the game record of somebody who spent all this time writing this shit. Now, I'm done with this game for a long while.

Now for my recommendations on some excellent video games you should try your hand at... I recommend Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, Diablo 3, Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy Star Online 2, Phantasy Star I, II and IV, Lufia 2, Lufia: The Legend Returns, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle, Bahamut Lagoon, Shining Force 1 and 2, Shining the Holy Ark (if you have Sega Saturn), Shining Soul II, Tactics Ogre, Secret of Evermore, Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Wild ARMs 1-5 (not Alter Code F), Terranigma, Earthbound, Mother 3, Dragon Warrior/Quest I-IX (and possibly X if it's out yet), Breath of Fire II, III and IV, Final Fantasy I, III, IV, V, VI, VII and IX, Disgaea 1-4 (and soon, 5 and D2), Phantom Brave, La Pucelle, Makai Kingdom, Legend of Legaia, Legaia 2: Duel Saga, Golden Sun (also TLA and Dark Dawn), Castlevania (ANY game, my personal favorites being Simon's Quest, SOTN, and Aria/Dawn of Sorrow), Legend of Zelda (any game), Mega Man (any game), Metroid (any game), Donkey Kong Country 1/2, Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3, Super Mario World 1 and 2, Super Mario RPG, Pokemon (though Gen 2 aka Gold/Silver/Crystal is my personal favorite, EVERY generation is awesome and should be given a try), etc.